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Relish Carolina

Since we launched Relish Carolina six years ago, we’ve served thousands of people who believe that great cuisine is best paired with great company. We celebrate everyone’s favorite culinary traditions—and the vibrant worlds that surround them.

Fueled by creativity, a passion for community, and the belief that all grand ideas come from the dinner table, we curate welcoming and interesting experiences for our guests to enjoy. Join us sometime; we promise you’ll leave with a full belly, a full heart, and probably a few new friends.

The Mindset

Reviving the lost art of dinnertime.

We were taught that food itself is only a part of the dining experience. The conversation around the table, the origin story of the dishes we serve—even the lighting—all contribute to how a meal makes us feel.

For us, Relish Carolina is about putting more back into the community than we take out. We’re a team of veterans from the food, hospitality, marketing, communications, and event industries that share a simple mission: creating culinary theme parks where guests can play, connect, and let loose for a while.

Private Event Planning

Milestone Corporate & Social Celebrations

Corporate Meeting & Event Management

We provide everything you need from start to finish, developing, creating and delivering innovative and inspiring events for your business.


Private Party & Social Event Planning

From family reunions to private dinners, our personal touch and professional attitude will ensure that your special event is planned to create cherished moments and everlasting memories.


Event Planning & Management Services

If you need help organizing an entire event or are just looking for a professional photographer, catering service, extra staff or help with a venue, our team is here to help!



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