Party Reflections


The amazing farm tables and chairs for the Evening Affair at a Southern Plantation have been provided by Party Reflections.  Party Reflection is a family run company that has served both North and South Carolina for over 54 years. They provide quality equipment at reasonable prices, with personal attention to detail that is second to none. They have provided equipment and produced countless spectacular festivals, galas, grand openings, weddings, graduations, and corporate events.

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Edible Charlotte


Edible Charlotte explores the local and sustainable food movement while also celebrating the role that food plays in our lives. Through rich content and striking photography, edible Charlotte connects readers with the region’s growing food culture. All this, plus recipes and information on where to eat, shop, and visit makes us an indispensable resource for anyone passionate about good food.

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The Plaid Penguin


The Plaid Penguin is multidimensional food + drink brand experience firm. We design, create and curate the identities, environments, events and experiences of tomorrow. If your brand touches food or drink, we believe that successful brand engagement is centered around the details of an experience. Think small. We’re told it’s the new big.

All creative: from conceiving our event concepts to the website design to social media strategy, The Penguins tackle head on. If you find you or your brand in need of some fresh perspective or rejuvenation, drop them a line to and start a dialogue.

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Lunahzon Photography


Bringing Art to Life. LunahZon is a duo of Debby Flores & Jeremy Deal. They treat a lot of our photographs like mini-paintings and take quite a deal of artistic liberty with our works.

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